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Let's Roll

Stone Family

To Our Police

To Our Firefighters

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National Homeland Security Knowledgebase

The Capitol Rally

 for the Troops 

March 2003

Here's a web site for us to show, or express,

 support to our fighting men and women:

Thanks From Minnesota

We stand with our fellow man

Anytime, Anywhere

Everyday hero's

St. Paul Winter Carnival 2001-2002

MN Army Natl' Guard Aviation Support
St. Paul

We are honored to show our pride
not to run and hide

For service members, and their families, I can send you better copies of these photos. Free of charge

I have other photos not shown or I can take more photos for you

I-94 East Bound- St. Paul

MN Remembers 9/11 at the Capital 9/16/01.

The Civilians

The Fire Firefighters
(Pictured are Depts from all over MN)

And Police

They won't forget either !

We remember the fallen and Thank the Fighting
I don't even know if these guys made it back or not

So, as you see, we are not the ones hiding.